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Miami Attractions

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Miami Attractions

History is something which has all along been able to bind the mankind into some sort of nostalgia,

reminiscence, memories, and euphoria.

Well, come to Art Deco, if you want to truly experience these feelings.

Cool atmosphere, cool people, and cool cocktails, combined with lovely architecture, which is what Art Deco

has in store for you.

Come to Art Deco and give us a chance to take you back to a century ago, to the days of 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

Art Deco features more than 800 buildings of historical significance erected between 1923 and 1943, and

contains a variety of architectural styles that will keep your eyes widened. A word will spontaneously come out

of your mouth “incredible”.

Art Deco District marks the first region to gain recognition by the National Register of Historic Places, as it

claimed to have the largest concentration of 1920s to 1940s architectures in the world. The buildings, the

windows, the railings, the glass blocks, the floors of these historical buildings are all amazing, and add to

Miami's style and exquisiteness.

Art Deco is discernible by the light shaded buildings that go across the South Beach and the Miami Beach.

There are three streets known as, Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue which are parallel

streets and most of these artistic buildings at Art Deco are congregated along these three streets.

If you want to explore the Art Deco district, Ocean Drive is the ideal place to take a start. As you keep walking

past these artistic buildings, you will keep admiring the convolution and remarkable craftsmanship that went

into each building way back in the 1920s, '30s, '40s.

You will be surprised and stunned, particularly with the craftsmanship of these few buildings, so keep a close

eye on these--

Park Central—It was constructed in 1937, but became the first hotel to be restored to its original grandeur.

This hotel has also remained a favorite destination for many Hollywood stars.

Lummus Park—From here you can get a beautiful sight of the Art Deco skyline. Especially in the night the

view is dazzling, when the neon lights of the hotels blaze and illuminate the sky.

Art Deco Welcome Center—This is the center of the Miami Design Preservation League, which was set up in

1976 with a view to save these historical buildings.

Casa Casaurina—The famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace lived here. This large, white, Spanish-

style mansion has now been turned into a private party building, for the members only.

Cardozo Hotel—It was erected in 1939 and has brain coral embedded the railing and the columns.

National Hotel—Here you can find the reproductions of the original furniture and the light sconces. A 62-

meter-long pool also stretches in the back.

Delano—It was built in 1947 and at that time it was ranked as tallest building in Miami Beach.

Sagamore—Enjoy an impressive collection of contemporary arts here.

Raleigh Hotel—Enjoy a dip here at its renowned sea side Deco pool. It has remained a famous backdrop for

many movies in the 1940s and '50s. Later, MTV also shot its famous show The Grind dance here.

Lincoln Road—You will come across a unique outdoor mall here for the use of pedestrian-only.

There are many more architectural splendors.....Come to Art Deco, a must while in Miami. Though the beaches

of Greater Miami are major attractions, but so are the Art Deco architectures.


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